Powerex is a leading energy trading and marketing company in western Canada and the western U.S., and an active participant in other markets across North America.  

In today’s competitive world, wholesale energy customers and trade partners have choices. That’s where we come in.  We make the deals.  We pride ourselves on working smarter than the competition, always looking for the most creative way to get the best deal possible for our customers.  And we make money doing it.

Now…we’d like to make a deal with you.

At Powerex we ask a lot of the people who work here.  We ask for their commitment.  We ask them to take calculated risks.  We ask them to make important business decisions, often in a matter of seconds.  We also expect them to deliver results.  There’s no question we work hard - and we play hard too.

The people at Powerex are bright, entrepreneurial and motivated.  Our senior staff know how to coach and inspire, not coddle.  We hire people with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience in energy trading, energy marketing, accounting, compliance, regulatory and policy development, finance and more. We hire smart people.  Decision-makers with people skills who are focused, motivated and ready to commit to our work ethic and sense of fun.  

And it’s a model that’s working.  Since 1988, we remain a highly trusted energy trading and marketing company with a strong reputation and track record in the industry. We’re reliable, stable, committed and here for the long run.  

So here’s the deal.  Commit to our culture, be a part of our energetic, dynamic team and we’ll commit to you.  You’ll get the training, flexibility and opportunities to build the career you want.

Are you in?

Check out our job postings and meet some Powerex staff members.