Canada's Anti-Spam Law and Our Business



On 1 July 2014, most of Canada’s Anti-Spam legislation (CASL) came into effect.  Spam is defined as commercial electronic messages (CEMs) sent without the express or implied consent of the recipient(s) to encourage participation in a commercial activity.  CEMs can be in the form of emails, text messages or other types of social media messages.  


The intent of CASL is to protect consumers that use the internet from damaging and deceptive forms of spam that can threaten the digital economy.


Education and awareness is the key to ensuring that spam is not inadvertently sent by Powerex employees.  Powerex has conducted an internal audit to identify CEMs and taken steps to obtain the express consent of CEM recipients in accord with CASL’s form and content requirements.  In addition, we have developed an unsubscribe mechanism for CEM recipients and developed procedures and employee training to ensure ongoing compliance with CASL requirements.


For more information on CASL, visit the CFTC Anti Spam website at  or visit the Industry Canada Anti Spam Q & A page at Industry Canada