A reputation for reliability

Powerex Corp. is known for being a highly reliable trade partner, buying and supplying physical wholesale power, natural gas, ancillary services and more recently, environmental products, across North America.

Powerex is a wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro -- Canada’s third largest electric utility.

With access to a wide variety of energy supplies across North America, plus significant transmission and gas transportation positions, when our customers need energy, Powerex delivers.

Expert people, outstanding service

The knowledge, expertise, creativity and integrity of our people allow us to find creative solutions to the changing demands of the markets and the evolving needs of our wholesale customers. We take pride in providing outstanding customer service and our reputation as a reliable and innovative energy trade partner.

That’s why our customers rate us so highly, year after year.

An evolving world, emerging markets

The world is changing and Powerex is changing with it. In over 31 years of business we have evolved from being a leading western electricity marketing company, to a Western North American energy marketing and trading company offering a full range of energy products and service and environmental products to meet our customers’ unique and evolving needs.