Natural Gas

Powerex’ knowledge and experience in electricity trading extends to natural gas as well. We offer physical natural gas products to meet our trade partners’ requirements 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We’ve been in the natural gas business since 1997, and have gas storage and physical pipeline positions that enable us to reliably buy and sell natural gas and serve trade partners across North America.

What We Do

  • Trade natural gas around BC Hydro’s gas thermal generators
  • Hold gas storage and pipeline positions throughout North America for our own trade transactions
  • Trade at Huntingdon/Sumas, Station 2, Kingsgate and AECO, PG&E Citygate, Malin, Stanfield, Rockies, MichCon Citygate, and Dawn  hubs, among others
  • Offer trade partners knowledge and expertise in negotiating gas tolling and other agreements with gas-fired generators. Deals can be as simple as gas sales and purchases, or more complex gas-for-power transactions
  • Maintain a variety of supply, storage and transportation options, giving us the capability to trade gas for our customers or for our own requirements
  • Use industry-standard gas contracts (such as NAESB and ISDA with annexes as well as GasEDI) to facilitate seamless, efficient transactions
  • Provide around-the-clock service