Our Commitment to Our Trade Partners

Commitment. Throughout our 29 years in business, Powerex has built its reputation on its commitment to providing our trade partners with the highest standards of customer service.

Reliability. We pride ourselves on being a highly reliable trade partner that can supply and move power and natural gas across North America. Our substantial transmission and gas transportation positions, combined with our market knowledge, expertise and creativity enable us to access and reliably move energy, even under tight timelines.

Flexibility. For Powerex, flexibility cuts two ways – operationally and in the types of agreements we can do. Our access to the flexibility of the BC Hydro electric system allows us to rapidly respond to changing market conditions, and to shape energy purchases and deliveries with fluctuating daily and seasonal energy demands. The flexibility afforded by our transmission and gas transportation positions ensures our ability to deliver. And we’re not limited to standard industry contracts, but can customize agreements to meet our trade partners’ specific needs.

Creativity. The market knowledge and expertise of our staff help us find creative solutions to the changing demands of the markets and the needs of our customers. We invest time in understanding our customers and maintaining an intimate knowledge of rapidly evolving energy markets. This gives us an edge in providing creative, customized energy solutions.

Expert Service. Powerex staff solves problems quickly and creatively, with extensive market knowledge and recognized customer commitment. This is key to our reputation for outstanding customer service. We take pride in this reputation and work hard to maintain it.

Innovative technology. We keep on the leading edge of the energy trading and marketing business and place high priority on developing technology solutions that keep us competitive. We’ve developed innovative and sophisticated IT solutions that help us quickly respond to changing market conditions and reliably move energy.

Honesty, integrity and accountability. Powerex is a highly trusted energy trader with a strong reputation and track record in the industry. We are committed to our trade partners and committed to the deal. And our trade partners have recognized this, consistently giving us exceptionally high ratings for customer satisfaction year after year.

Financial stability. With the backing of BC Hydro’s strong credit rating, Powerex has one of the best credit profiles in the business -- and we secure strong credit positions from others. Our state-of-the-art risk management systems and policies further ensure that we’ll be around for the long haul.

Industry support and advocacy. For Powerex, it’s not just about the deal. It’s about supporting the industry and helping it grow. We’re actively involved in industry associations in Canada and the U.S., providing input and expertise to help build a vibrant, competitive energy marketplace for the benefit of all market participants.